Thursday, March 11, 2021

Release date for Athena's Piano is set

I'm thrilled to collaborate with Boroughs Publishing Group, a company that is passionate about romance--all kinds of romance, from steamy to sweet, fantastic and suspenseful. 

They have an impressive and gifted collection of authors. I'm humbled and proud to be among their company. 

Boroughs will be publishing my new novel, Athena's Piano, a romantic thriller with a sci-fi twist. Well, Athena's Piano is the title for now. It may very well change before the book is officially offered to the world on September 21, 2021.

Something, too, that may change is the cover. I photographed and designed this cover. The somber tones are meant to be ominous. After all, the book sometimes shrieks with danger. We would be wise to wonder what crouches in the shadows. 

Then, too, we might pause to ask, "Who is Athena? And what is so special about her piano? And what's the story about the trumpet on the piano's lid?"

To learn that, you will have to read the book. And I hope you will.